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Naked Brothers Band Give Exclusive Interview!

Alex and Nat talk about their new season with Kid Reporter

By Jacqueline Minogue | null null , null
Alex (left) and Nat Wolff (right) from Nickelodeon's <i>The Naked Brothers Band</i> pose with Scholastic Kid Reporter Jacqueline Minogue. (Photo: Courtesy of Jacqueline Minogue)
Alex (left) and Nat Wolff (right) from Nickelodeon's The Naked Brothers Band pose with Scholastic Kid Reporter Jacqueline Minogue. (Photo: Courtesy of Jacqueline Minogue)

Scholastic Kid Reporter Jacqueline Minogue scored an exclusive interview with Alex and Nat! Read on to find out what the two teenage stars had to say about their show, their success, and their sibling rivalry:

How long have you been playing your instruments and how many hours a day do you practice?

Nat: I’ve been playing my instrument since I was about three or four. That’s when I started banging around on the piano, trying to be like The Beatles. Then, when I was in kindergarten, halfway through the year I started taking piano lessons. I found these chords, the fifth-chords, and told my dad that these were my proud chords and I started writing songs with them. Some of the songs in the movie, like “Motormouth,” I wrote before I ever had piano lessons. But I wrote them just with the fifth-chords I figured out. Now, I try as hard as I can to practice an hour a day, but I’m busy. I have a spot for writing and playing the guitar.

Alex: When I was three after playing with some instruments. I never really could do my own stuff. I had to look at this student video, and watch exactly what the guy was doing, like, “Put your left hand here.” It was basically a lesson from the TV set.

Jacqueline: Which do you like better, acting or playing in the band?

Nat: I can’t pick. I think music is my favorite thing to do, but I go through periods where I think differently. Even now, I’m going through a period when I love doing this show and acting overall.

Alex: I like music a little better, because I think I can express myself more. When I’m acting, I do what I’m supposed to do.

Nat: That’s not true!

Jacqueline: How have your lives changed since your show has become such a big hit?

Nat: My life hasn’t really changed. Now, everybody knows my music. So that’s really cool. A lot of kids know it. Now, when I go to a sports game, everybody knows my name.

Alex: My life changed. I got mobbed at a pizza parlor. Kids and especially girls went going crazy. They got so excited. Twenty minutes later, we were still talking.

What is the best and worst part about being famous?

Nat: The best part is that people know our music.

Alex: The best part is being with everybody that I love to be with, like my friends on the set. The worst part is getting your hair pulled by overgrown fans.

Nat: We have to start wearing wigs.

Jacqueline: Who are your idols?

Nat: Paul McCartney and The Beatles in general are my idols. And I love Sting. I got to meet Sting. That was really cool. Dustin Hoffman is my favorite actor. Also, I think of Magic Johnson as an idol.

Alex: At the moment, I have six favorite bands and those are my idols. Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Marley, and Green Day.

Jacqueline: What is your favorite episode of “The Naked Brothers Band”?

Nat: I think my favorite one is actually the one hasn’t come on. My favorite is probably “The Battle of the Bands.” That was really fun to do. I got to work with the L.A. surfers. The next season, we got to do some concert specials, where we got to play a big concert for tons of people. In our second season, there’s a three-part episode movie about a battle of the bands, polar bears, and Alex is trying to save the environment. We saw “An Inconvenient Truth,” and we got to go to New Orleans to try to help Katrina victims. It’s really awesome, and it’s hilarious.

Alex: I think the most fun episode for me was “Top Show,” because we got to have the singer from Good Charlotte on our show. I did an episode with Tony Hawk, and that was awesome too.
Nat: He walked in and he was really tall.

Jacqueline: What is your favorite song?

Nat: Of my songs, I can’t really pick. A lot of times when I’m writing a song or working on one, the one I’m working on is my favorite at the time, so it always changes. Of all time, I can’t pick. I go through phases. My favorite bands are The Beatles, The Doors, Nirvana, and Sting. I like to listen to all their songs and albums.

Alex: I think my favorite song is by Led Zeppelin called “Good Times Bad Times,” a Rolling Stones song called “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” and every song The Beatles ever wrote.

Nat: Your favorite for a while was “Good Riddance,” by Green Day.

Are you and all your friends and the band best friends in real life?

Nat: We’re best friends. A bunch of the guys from the show like Tom, David, and Josh were all my friends from preschool. I made the band with them when I was three and they’ve been my best friends ever since. I still talk with them now. We don’t all go to the same school anymore, but we’re all really good friends. We’re all such great friends that when we get to do this show, it’s so much fun but it’s actually hard work. It makes the hard work so much fun to have your friends around.

Jacqueline: What is a typical day like in your lives?

Nat: I wake up at 6:45. I get ready for school. I brush my teeth, and go to school. I’m yelled at and forced to do stuff. Typical day on the show, it’s really pretty cool. We get up at 6:45 and we get ready and we come down to the van right in front of the house, and we’re late. Everybody’s already in there. And the whole cast will be in “The Van,” and all the kids will dive into the back and squish in the back row and the ones who couldn’t fit would squish in the third row. We have the best time going there. When we get there they’d put us through “Hair & Make-up.” We’d run around and go crazy to get our energy up, and then we’d eat breakfast and then run around and go crazy because we had more energy. We’d play ping-pong and basketball. Then we’d get called away to do a scene and then we’d be on set and we’d review our lines with one of the people from the show. Alex and I work more on the scene. The other guys in the morning are doing band rehearsals, and we’re preparing on the scene. And then they’d prepare and we’d go to band rehearsal. At the end of the shooting we’d have to go to tutoring.

Alex: My mornings start with mom coming into my bedroom and waking me up, or trying to wake me up, and then I go back to sleep. Then my mom wakes me up again and yells at me. Then she’ll get me to wake up, and I’ll get dressed and go to school. We go to school, and my teacher tells me that I didn’t do the homework well enough. And that’s that.

Jacqueline: Do you ever do anything good for the environment?

Nat: My dad is always telling us that whenever we leave the house we have to turn off the lights. We watched An Inconvenient Truth, and ever since then he’s told us, “Al Gore says go turns off the lights,” and we do. But now, when we leave the house all he says is “Al Gore,” and we obey.

Jacqueline: Will you ever let anyone else in your band?

Nat: We think about it, but I think the best thing to tell people when they ask if they can join the band is for them to try to make their own band.

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