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Cooper Pillot

By Marie Morreale | null null , null
Cooper Pillot from <i>The Naked Brothers Band</i>. (Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon)
Cooper Pillot from The Naked Brothers Band. (Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon)

Q: Are you like your character Cooper?
Cooper: I think in certain ways. I think I'm more playful, though.

Q: Do you like the business part of show-biz, like your character?
Cooper: I do, actually. When I grow up, I want to be a sports agent. So, I like that stuff.

Q: So why are you interested in becoming a sports agent?
Cooper: I always have an opinion about something and I can argue my way. Plus I love sports, and you get to deal with athletes and get to be as close to the game as possible without actually playing.

Q: When did you know that sports was your favorite thing?
Cooper: Since I was little. I've been playing since I was 2. I play tennis, I ski, and, and I play basketball too.

Q: You mentioned basketball is your favorite sport—what position do you play?
Cooper: I play point guard. We just started the season two weeks ago and have our first game this week. I play on the school team, which Nat is also on.

Q: Do you have a basketball player that you admire?
Cooper: Gil Arenas is definitely my favorite because everyone doubted him when he was in college, but he always worked past it. That's why he wears number "0," because that's how many minutes they told him he played.

Q: What school subject do you like the best?
Cooper: My favorite subject is math. I also like the writing part of English because I really like to write.

Q: Why do you like math?
Cooper: I think it's the most interesting subject. I have the coolest math teacher, so maybe that’s part of it too. He's kind a kid. He plays video games and we talk to him about that stuff outside of school.

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