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Bridget McCain at Home

Republican presidential frontrunner John McCain's daughter talks to Scholastic News about how she leads the life of a regular kid

By Jacob Schroeder | December 5 , 2007
Scholastic Kid Reporter Jacob Schroeder with Bridget McCain, daughter of Republican Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain. (Photo courtesy Jacob Schroeder)
Scholastic Kid Reporter Jacob Schroeder with Bridget McCain, daughter of Republican Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain. (Photo courtesy Jacob Schroeder)

While Senator John McCain is campaigning as a Republican for President of the United States, his 16-year-old daughter, Bridget McCain, is in Phoenix, Arizona attending a private school. "We are a normal family just like everyone else," Bridge says.

As a sophomore in high school, the Arizona Senator's daughter spends a lot of time playing sports. She likes playing basketball and volleyball, and like most kids, enjoys spending time with her friends. "School is awesome because of my friends," Bridget McCain said. "It's important for kids to be respectful to each other and help one another to make school better for everyone."

When Bridget's father, Senator McCain, ran for president in 2000, Bridget traveled with her family on the campaign trail. "I didn’t understand as well what was going on because I was only in the second grade."

She said she missed a lot of school "and didn’t get to hang out with my friends." But this campaign has been different for her because she stays at home with her soon to be sister-in-law, Tess, who is studying to be a chef, while her parents and older sister, Meghan, travel together campaigning. Bridget said she enjoys supporting her Dad, but is thankful she gets to stay in Phoenix going to high school with her friends and attending study hall. Her favorite subject is history.

Bridget said her parents are her role models and heroes. "My Dad's best achievement is being a dad and also running for president at the same time. He always puts family first!"

Bridget's favorite family tradition is when her family comes together during the holidays to celebrate Christmas at their cabin near Sedona, Arizona. They sing Christmas carols and light hundreds of candles along the hillside by their home which requires a lot of family teamwork. "We are work hard at everything we do and we stick to it," Bridget said.

Bridget said that war is also a big concern to her family. Senator McCain was a pilot in Vietnam, and her brother is in Iraq. "War is an important issue for our country and our nation," she said. "My dad wants to support the troops in Iraq and he hopes they will come home safely."

Bridget believes that the most important qualities for a president is "to be a good leader to know what to do every step of the way."

"My Dad has proven himself to be capable to be the president. If he wins, he will be great at it!"


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About the Author

Jacob Schroeder is a member of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps,

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