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October November 2007
This year: attend that conference.
This year: attend that conference.

Relevant conferences and fun side trips!

2007 Symposium for Grades 6–12
November 3–5, 2007
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel and Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta

At this International Center for Leadership in Education annual symposium, school practitioners and education experts will discuss how to address the needs of English language learners, students with disabilities, minority and economically disadvantaged students, and students who feel disengaged from school.

When There: Watch a reenactment of the Battle of Atlanta on the actual site of the largest cavalry raid in Georgia’s Civil War history.

TIES 2007 Education Technology Conference
December 8–11, 2007
Minneapolis Hyatt and Regency Hotel, Minneapolis

The upper Midwest’s largest educational technology conference draws approximately 1,500 teachers, tech coordinators, media specialists, principals, and administrators. The event includes more than 130 general sessions and over 40 hands-on pre-conference workshops.

When There: Go see the Holidazzle Parade—an annual event full of choirs, marching bands, floats, and costumed storybook characters—along Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

Ninth Annual Accountability Institute for English Learners and Immigrant Students
December 9–11, 2007
San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina, San Diego

The California Department of Education’s Accountability Institute assists local educational agencies in implementing effective programs and accountability systems to improve the achievement of non-English-speaking students. It’s aimed at administrators for schools implementing Title I and Title III of the NCLB.

When There: Explore the mysteries of 27 Dead Sea scrolls—10 of them exhibited for the first time ever—at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

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    Super Strategies for Succeeding on the Standardized Tests: Reading/Language Arts

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    Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud Collection: Welcome Spring

    Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud Collection: Welcome Spring

    This collection expounds on the beauty of spring: animals wake from hibernation and baby animals are born, frost gives way to spring rains, the days lengthen and the earth warms, and plants burst alive with blossoms and green leaves.

    Read the books in sequence to build vocabulary and knowledge around a topic. Each daily read-aloud provides one piece of the puzzle to help children on their knowledge quest to see the big picture!

    Choose recommended activities from the guidebook to suit your schedule and needs. Every guidebook provides:

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    • Vocabulary lists
    • Read-aloud guides
    • Activities that target Common Core
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    • List of collections for upcoming grades

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