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Thank You, Ruby Bridges
by Zackery T.

Dear Ms. Bridges,

I am a sixth-grade student at the Blue Mountain Middle School in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. I am writing to you to thank you for your courage and strength in fighting racism, and also to express my feelings on this topic. I can’t imagine how brave you were at age 6 to stand up for what you believe in your heart and fight for what is right. You are truly a role model for all generations to come! I admire you!

Prejudice is a very hurtful emotion! It exists in varying forms. Prejudices exist in our schools today by judgment made on your religion, culture, appearance, language, intelligence, how rich you are, or how good you are at sports. Clicks and “bullying” have taken over our schools. Peer pressure to be something we are not is an everyday thing in our schools. It puts so much pressure on kids of today to live up to some standard set within some group. Why do these groups exist and why do these groups or clicks think they are right? I believe the kids are not taught respect of others and caring for people’s feelings. If you respect others and live it, racism and prejudices would not exist.

War and terrorism are a threat to us today. Prejudices about religion and different beliefs of God are the basis of war. It is one country trying to place its beliefs on another country. It is the loss of respect of others. We are created equal. Our Pledge of Allegiance states, “with liberty and justice for all.” That means we are to respect each other, who we are, and what we are about.

What do we do now to make respect of others become part of our schools? I believe education of kids and zero tolerance of gangs, clicks, and bullying needs to be a priority. Along with zero tolerance in schools should come good example for kids by adults. I look at my Mom and Dad to teach me how to act. I know they are not prejudiced and will always try to act this way. My Mom and Dad teach me to respect, and my Mom tells me all the time to be kind to others, let’s think of others feelings. That is a start to end racism and prejudice feelings.

You were strong, Ms. Bridges, to do what you did, to stand firm against racism at the age of 6. I will follow your example and be respectful of others in my school. I know I can make a difference! We all can make a difference and be brave and strong like you to end racism.


Zackery T., 6th grade, Pennsylvania

"Thank You, Ruby Bridges"

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