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Thank You, Ruby Bridges
by Matthew K.

Dear Ruby,

Hi, my name is Matthew Kanter. I am in Mrs. Rascher’s 5th grade class at George G. White Middle School. My classmates and I watched a movie about how you integrated a school that had only white students. I think that was brave of you!

In the movie I heard lots of bad things being yelled at you and you still kept going to school. It reminded me of what I read about Jackie Robinson, the first African-American baseball player.

Like you, Jackie Robinson was given a special chance. He also had many whites yell bad things at him. He didn’t even have the body guards like you. Both of you were very courageous and did not quit even though it was very hard.

At times you must have been very afraid. If that was me I’m pretty sure I would be afraid, too. I know I wouldn’t want to be treated that way.

My feelings about racism are probably the same as yours. I believe it is a terrible thing. It must have really hurt your feelings to be treated as if you were not even a person. Not being able to go to the same school as other people or go to the same restaurants. It is a very cruel thing and if it ever happened again I would send a letter to the President and maybe that would help stop it.

In Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have A Dream,” he said that all kids could play together no matter what their skin color. You helped make this dream possible and for that you are an even bigger hero than anybody could be.

Matthew K., 5th grade, New Jersey

"Thank You, Ruby Bridges"

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