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Thank You, Ruby Bridges
by Katelyn S.

Dear Ruby Bridges,

In our Social Studies class we watched a movie about you and how you went to a white school. I know I would’ve been totally freaked out! I decided to write a poem as a white person outside the white school you went to when you were younger.





We look at you
Like you are twisted and wrong
We hate your kin
But in my heart I know
It’s sin.
We yell and holler
To make you scared
To make you want
To go home.
I hold back tears
As I want to help you
But I don’t for
I am afraid of my own kind.
If someone had helped
If someone had shown
They cared at the beginning
It would have changed
A lot of things.
But it took a while
For them to catch on
For them to see
What they’re doing is wrong.
The shouting is still
And forevermore

Katelyn S., 6th grade, Texas

"Thank You, Ruby Bridges"

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