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Thank You, Ruby Bridges
by Belinda W.

Dear Ruby Bridges,

Racism is not just some easy-everyday obstacle that can be easily overcome. Children are influenced by their parents, adults, the media, and even books that still discriminate against non-whites. Therefore, I can’t help but feel that getting rid of racism and accomplishing a world where whites and non-whites can live happily ever after won’t ever happen. In fact, some students at ordinary, everyday schools merely laugh when they see blacks being beaten up and bullied by whites or others. They won’t help the blacks nor defend them. It’s downright pathetic to see the world come down to that. And while watching TV, some children mimic racist sayings and chants just because it’s fun to repeat. Honestly, they can do whatever they want, but don’t they care about trampling on other people’s feelings? We are the same race of humans but yet, why do some people still judge others by the color of their skin? It’s their personality that counts; not their skin tone.

Even if someone steps up and tries to help the people being discriminated against, it won’t do much help. People will just bully that person too for siding with the outsiders. It just isn’t fair! If a president comes up and starts this program about people should treat others by their personality and not by their color of their skin, well, you can say goodbye to him. People can’t help but rebel and hate people. They target the weak and the dissimilar people, just because they’re different. If everyone tries to accept everyone, then at least we can still say that we tried our best,


Belinda W., 6th grade, California

"Thank You, Ruby Bridges"

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