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Thank You, Ruby Bridges
by Abigale C.

Dear Ruby Bridges,

I would first of all like to thank you for all you have done in your lifetime. I myself have dealt with racism. All through first grade until fourth grade I was teased and talked about because of what I believed in.

I am Pentecostal so I wear skirts everyday. Well, that has had a great affect on my life. Everyday when I went to school I was constantly told how I thought I was "all that," how I was white, and how I was Pentecostal.

It's so hard to stand strong for what you believe in when everyone else talks about you and stares at you. Sometimes I feel like I don't belong. I am glad that I do not go to that school anymore.

When I am older I want to work in a school to help stop racism. It is awful to go to a place where you do not fit in, are hated, and are scared to go to school the next day. I go to one of the greatest schools in the world now and am in the sixth grade!

God can do miracles in your life, and I have him to thank for bringing me out of that trial. I went to a private school last year. This year the Lord blessed me and my family, and we got to move! I was so excited to get to go to a new school. I feel like I belong here.

I think that your great act of bravery has helped me. I have seen your movie numerous times, and I am in love with it. If you would have not done all that you did I would not have a girl named JoAnna in my class. I have you and God to thank for giving me a chance to be in a classroom with students of another race.

Thank you, Ruby Bridges, for standing up for what you believe in!


Abigale C., 6th grade, Mississippi

"Thank You, Ruby Bridges"

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