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Chris Warren, Jr. Back for More

Star cooks up comedy in the High School Musical 2 kitchen.

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Chris Warren at the premiere of <i>High School Musical 2</i> at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. (Photo: © Paul Fenton/Zuma Press)<br />
Chris Warren at the premiere of High School Musical 2 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. (Photo: © Paul Fenton/Zuma Press)

Chris Warren, Jr. returns to High School Musical 2 as Zeke Baylor and, thanks to more screen time for his character, you’ll be seeing a lot more of him this time around. Recently, Chris chatted with Scholastic News Online about his expanded role in the movie.

Q: How was filming High School Musical 2 different from the first film?
Chris: The main difference was that the production was much bigger. The dances were bigger. Everything was bigger. We know what a success the first one was, so we wanted to make it bigger and better than the first one. The dances were a lot harder, better, and more complex.

Q: How has your character, Zeke, changed?
Chris: My character hasn’t changed much. He’s way more into baking now. A majority of the movie is spent with my character baking at a country club with a chef outfit and a big chef’s hat. So that’s the main difference.

Q: Your character is featured more in the sequel. Did you feel more pressure this time around?
Chris: Oh, no. It was great. I had all these new comedic moments. Being a part of the whole experience was great. It wasn’t so much pressure as it was having fun and feeling like you were a part of a phenomenon.

Q: Say five years from now, you were talking about being on the set. Is there one memory in particular that you would talk about?
Chris: I think the one thing I won’t forget is the friendship. We got so close because we were doing all these different dances together. So I think getting to know each other as individuals and the cast is the main thing I’ll always remember.

Q: Since you had more screen time, did you work more closely with Kenny Ortega? Did you learn anything from him?
Chris: Oh, yeah. Kenny’s great. The thing I like most about Kenny is that he makes it more about collaboration. He doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, he asks you what for your ideas. You make up the character as you go along and decide different things together. I liked that openness. I think it’s really great that he’s open to new ideas.

Q: What’s the silliest rumor or story you heard about yourself that isn’t true?
Chris: There was a rumor that me and Ashley were dating, which I thought was pretty funny. Ashley and I are pretty good friends. She’s like 22 or something. So I thought that was funny.

Q: Do you have a favorite dance movie?
Chris: Grease is my favorite musical movie. I was in the play in eighth grade and I played Danny, so it made me like the movie even more because I did it on stage.

--Interview by Marie Morreale

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