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Tech Tools: Management

September 2007
Podium Podcast software<br />
Podium Podcast software

What's new this month to help you manage your district and your life.

PeopleCube Resource Scheduler is a powerful planning tool for students and staff to reserve a school’s resources, from projectors to multi-purpose rooms. It all works without sign-up sheets, clipboards, or conflicts. Users can search for available resources and set up recurring reservations while administrators can quickly produce reports on who’s using what. A free trial is available from the PeopleCube Web site.

LunchTime Software’s School Lunch not only sorts out your cafeteria’s menus, but it also makes it easier for your district to get reimbursed for more meals from state and federal programs. The latest version of the software lets parents pay for students’ lunches online, and the system now uses fingerprint scanners to quickly identify students.

With nine modules for everything from admissions to summer school, PCR Educator is all a school needs to digitize whatever it does. The program’s modules work well together to manage online registration, family information, online homework, and even the secure posting of student grades. All the modules are easily accessed through a school’s Web site.

Music teachers sing hallelujah when they start using MusicAdmin Pro to help them coordinate every aspect of a school’s music department. The $1,100 program is a secure database that stores and retrieves information on students, parents, and instruments. It also organizes tests so that music teachers can concentrate on instrument lessons and band and choir practice.

With Christian Schoolhouse, parochial and private institutions now have an online place for managed administrative services for every facet of their operation. With the ability to streamline attendance, grade, and staff information, there’s even a way to produce an attractive and functional school Web site. The service is all online, generates professional-looking reports, and allows parents to track the progress of their children at school. A two-week trial is available on the company’s Web site.

AirWave’s Wireless Management Suite makes sense of the alphabet soup of wireless standards in use today, including Wi-Fi, WEP, and 802.11. The key is that the software works with them all and consolidates a school’s or district’s wireless needs into a single console screen. The program centrally controls every aspect of the wireless LAN, and every connected user can be located while administrators keep tabs on network performance indicators.

Never lose another file with Berkeley Data’s MozyPro Backup, an online archiving system that keeps every bit of school data safe and secure. The software can back up a school’s worth of data at night when they’re not being used and send them in encrypted form to Berkeley’s off-site server farm.

Podium podcast software is a one-stop shop for creating classroom audio programming, whether the teacher produces it or the class collaborates to do it themselves. The software’s sophisticated editing tools and the easy way to upload the finished product allow the whole school—or even the whole world—to listen to the podcast. Schools can access Podium for a month before purchasing it.

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    • working with multiple intelligences and learning modalities
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