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A Marvelous World

Kid Reporter talks to author Troy CLE

By Jamie Sanders | June 7 , 2007
Scholastic Kid Reporter Jamie Sanders and author Troy CLE. (Photo: Genet Berhane)<br />
Scholastic Kid Reporter Jamie Sanders and author Troy CLE. (Photo: Genet Berhane)

The Hue-Man Bookstore in Harlem was filled with cameras and reporters, myself included, all eager to hear the reading of Troy CLE's book, The Marvelous Effect—the first book in the Marvelous World series.

“This book is very much influenced on my own life,” said the author, taking the time to answer a few questions before reading a passage from the book.

Troy described his book's main character, Louis Proof, as a hybrid of himself and his brother.

“This book is like an ode to everything I was as a kid,” he explained.

Troy was 9 years old when he began working on the story that would become The Marvelous Effect.

According to Troy, his favorite movie as a kid was The Goonies. (Troy said that he always wanted to be a Goonie—and he still does!) The movie actually triggered the idea for the author's Marvelous World series.

“I wanted to make a movie like that, and I knew no one in Hollywood would take me seriously,” said Troy. “So I had to base it on something like a book that was very popular.”

Another influence, said the author, was a classic children's book. When Troy was younger, his favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. The fantastic world Sendak created inspired Troy to create a magical world of his own.

The Marvelous World series isn't just influenced by the author's favorite book and movie—music played a role, too! Troy says that he has always been inspired by hip-hop music, and it shows. The author often breaks out into verse in his writing.

"Hip-hop is where I got the whole rhythm [of the book] from," said Troy.

The Story

His name is Louis Proof. His mission—to win a radio-controlled car race! At least, that's what it after he receives a mysterious invitation leading to a secret amusement park.

It is a place where kids can be kids, Louis feels like he's on top of the world. Then things take a turn for the worse.

Louis falls victim to a strange disease that puts him in a coma. (Readers will be surprised to find a “gap” in the book when Louis falls into a coma.)

“Since Louis missed the coma, you missed it,” explained Troy.

When Louis wakes up, three months have passed. He finds himself plunged into a world of action and danger. Louis tries to make sense of things, and he eventually discovers that he needs to try and make things right again.

To find out more about Louis's adventure, pick up a copy of The Marvelous Effect, in bookstores now.

Wondering what happened while Louis was in a coma? Readers can find the answer in fall of 2008, when author Troy CLE fills in the gap with book “1.5,” Olivion's Favorites.


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About the Author

Jamie Sanders is a member of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps.

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