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August 2007
BestQuest Math'scool<br />
BestQuest Math'scool

BestQuest Math’scool can help fifth through eighth graders hone their basic math skills while they learn how to use them in the real world. The DVD helps motivate students, with cartoon characters that tell number-based stories, and includes lesson notes, practice exercises, and problems. All material is printable.

Burkina Faso is no longer called Upper Volta, so why should your out-of-date wall maps tell students a geographical lie? National Geographic has an online catalogue of current, historical, and thematic maps that are renowned for their beauty, accuracy, and functionality.

The latest update to Kid Works Deluxe takes classroom reading and writing tools beyond the screen to a new level. This all-in-one classroom publishing kit has everything students need to create, publish, and share imaginative, rich media stories. There are ready-made projects for math, social studies, and science.

With modules that cover all the basics of writing, narrative strategies, and evaluation, Big6 TurboTools is the only writing support package a class needs. The program can help engage students with assignments like creative writing, essays, and research papers. A 10-user license starts at $150.

What’s better than discounted or used books for classes? How about free ones that are just a download away? The Digital Book Index provides 90,000 titles at no cost and another 40,000 that cost a few dollars each. The catalogue includes fiction and nonfiction, and has a slew of original documents, many of which are also free.

To meet the demands of growing Asian student populations, the Mandarin-language World Book Encyclopedia provides readers and learners of Mandarin with an authoritative, balanced, and accessible reference book. This is World Book’s fourth foreign-language encyclopedia. Other World Book titles are published in more than 16 languages worldwide.

Improve reading scores using Rigby Literacy by Design’s new comprehensive core reading and writing program for grades K–5. Literacy by Design allows for whole-class direct instruction of grade-level skills, while small-group instruction allows students to apply strategies with text at their own level. Literacy by Design provides the right amount of challenge and support to move students forward by meeting them at their instructional levels.

Bring math to life using the new Interwrite MathMastery curriculum, available in English and Spanish, which includes core concepts in math for students in grades two through eight. Available online as My Mastery Network as well as on DVD, the engaging videos and interactive practice problems can operate with Interwrite Workspace to give teachers an extra dimension of control and interactivity.

[READING]Soliloquy Reading Assistant v4 combines speech recognition technology with reading research to help students develop fluency. As the student reads aloud into a headset microphone, Soliloquy Reading Assistant “listens” along, providing audio and visual help for words the student is struggling with.

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    Guided Reading Lecturas Cortas Level C

    Guided Reading Lecturas Cortas Level C

    Available August 2015!

    The all-new Guided Reading Short Reads brings the same high-quality nonfiction of the original Guided Reading Short Reads to both Spanish and English-speaking learners. Access to short informational texts builds vocabulary acquisition and content area knowledge for all students, providing rich support for students who are learning Spanish, and building confidence in Spanish-speaking learners that they will carry over to their English instruction.

    NEW! Guided Reading Lecturas Cortas:
    •Fits seamlessly into classroom guided reading groups
    •Teaches strategies for decoding and comprehending complex texts
    •Builds rich domain-specific vocabulary across content areas
    •Engages students with thematically linked passages across text types
    •Provides sufficiently complex, short informational texts worthy of being read, reread, and analyzed

    Each level includes:
    •10 Student Informational Text Cards, 6 copies each
    •1 Teaching Guide
    •Magazine-style storage box

    Visit the Scholastic Guided Reading Program website for more information.

    $99.00 You save: 25%
    Supplementary Collection | Grades K-1
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    Guided Reading Lecturas Cortas Level C
    Grades K-1 $99.00
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    50 Graphic Organizers for the Interactive Whiteboard

    50 Graphic Organizers for the Interactive Whiteboard

    by Jennifer Jacobson;Dottie Raymer

    View Sample Pages

    Help students get a better grasp of the content they need to know with this collection of fun and easy-to-use graphic organizers. The book contains 50 classroom-tested reproducible templates that come with easy directions and student samples. Full-color, interactive PDFs of the graphic organizers are also included—great for modeling and can be filled in either by computer or by hand. Perfect for use on your interactive whiteboard!

    Includes interactive (writable) PDFs of each graphic organizers, as well as ready-to-go Notebook™ files of each graphic organizer. Use with your SMART Board™! 112 pages CD.

    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® software, version 4.0 or higher, to view and print the sample page above. Get Adobe Reader® for FREE.

    $17.24 You save: 25%
    Professional Book | Grades 2-5
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    50 Graphic Organizers for the Interactive Whiteboard
    Grades 2-5 $17.24
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