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August 2007

Clifford B. Janey was fired as superintendent of Washington D.C. Public Schools after three years. Composed of 55,000 students, the D.C. school system is among the worst-performing in the nation. Janey led the Rochester school district, in New York, from 1995–2002. On June 12, 2007, Michelle A. Rhee was picked for the job of schools chancellor in an effort to bolster the failing system.

Carol Johnson, the much-lauded former superintendent of Memphis’s Winchester Elementary School, was named school superintendent for the city of Boston. This will begin Johnson’s third tenure as superintendent, after long terms of service in Memphis and Minneapolis. Some of her accomplishments include increasing enrollment, making tenure a more unrelenting process, and overseeing the dramatic increase in testing scores for the statewide Tennessee math exam for third and fifth graders. She will receive an annual salary of $275,000.

Connie Calloway took over the leadership of the troubled Detroit (MI) Public Schools (DPS) in July. She is being paid $280,000 a year, under a five-year contract. She will also earn up to $30,000 a year for meeting certain performance benchmarks and will receive a car and a security detail. She replaces William Coleman, who was fired in March.

John Q. Porter is the new superintendent of Oklahoma City Public Schools. Porter previously served as the deputy superintendent in Montgomery County, Maryland. He says he doesn’t expect major upheaval in Oklahoma City’s 40,000-student district, which has an annual budget of about $400 million.

New York mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced the resignation of Dr. Andres Alonso, deputy chancellor for teaching and learning, in June. According to the New York Times, Alonso had been “at the center of [Bloomberg’s] ambitious effort to overhaul the nation’s largest school system.” Alonso will now become the chief executive officer of the Baltimore City Public School System.

Sheldon Berman, Jefferson County’s (KY) new school superintendent comes to the district after 14 years as superintendent of the Hudson (MA) Public Schools, a district 1/30 the size of the Jefferson district, which has 98,000 students. The Jefferson County Board of Education named Berman superintendent in April. As school chief, he’ll earn $260,000 plus benefits and incentives.

The Beaufort County (NC) School District reached a settlement with former St. Helena Elementary School principal LaVerne Davis after a litigious three-year feud. Davis left her post in 2004 after a refusal to have her contract renewed. She then sued the district for breach of contract, slander, and libel.

Arturo Flores started at the helm of Modesto City (CA) Schools this summer. Flores, a former administrator with the Sacramento City Unified School District, replaces Jim Enochs, who held the job for 21 years.

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