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Who's saying what on the ed blogs.
Who's saying what on the ed blogs.

Who really qualifies as a minority? And are the days of summer numbered? OMG! No!

"The recent study released by the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance has been widely reported with headlines and stories that stress the negative: that the software is no more effective than 'real' teachers. How about reading it this way? We now have educational software that is just as effective as live teachers."
The Site:
A Red Mind in a Blue State

"I have a student who has a very Hispanic last name. If he added an accent mark to his first name, he’d be about as Hispanic as one could get. He’s also about as white as one could be. And I don’t just mean in skin color. The discussion lately is: Can he legitimately mark 'Hispanic' on his college applications?"
The Site: Right on the Left Coast

"If you can’t appreciate the scale on which school-day cell-phone use is problematic, consider that if Tina wrote a sentence every time she was tempted to send a text message, she’d author a novel of average length every single month. It might not be The Great American Novel, but it’s better than, 'LOL omg rly?' 200 times over."
The Site: Matthew K. Tabor

"TTWWADI: That's the way we've always done it. … In 1935, the school year in the United States was similar to today's 180 days and was the longest in the developed world. Today, it is the shortest in the developed world. Why do we have an extended summer vacation? Is it research based? No, it is TTWWADI."
The Site: Learning Matters

"When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That pretty much describes the pro-voucher conservative insistence that choice will solve any and all educational problems one can imagine, and a new Independent Women's Forum publication on the "boy crisis" is the latest example."
The Site: The Quick and The Ed

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