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Thinking Big

Ideas are like opinions—everybody has one. What makes an idea important is when it becomes a solution. Every issue of Scholastic Administr@tor shares valuable ideas: executive-level strategic ones, nitty-gritty classroom instruction ones, even ones to avoid.

But each June for our annual “Idea Issue” we like to highlight best practices for a couple of reasons. First, while you are free from the intense day-to-day duties of the school year, we want you to consider this a bit of summer reading—some big-picture inspiration. Second, the magazine is distributed at the National Education Computing Conference, a four-day festival packed with more than 10,000 idea generators, which is being held in Atlanta this year. At the conference, we’ll be hosting a panel with some of the administrators highlighted in “What’s The Big Idea?,” where they will be able to go into even greater depth about their strategies.

The stories in this issue come from a variety of districts, with different problems and concerns. What they share are a commitment to their students, an inclination to think outside that proverbial box, and an innovative spirit. And while our reporters do a great job investigating and reporting from their district contacts around the country, the best ideas still come from you, our readers. Have an idea you want to share? Send it to me at

About the Author

Kevin Hogan is executive editor of Scholastic Administr@tor. He can be reached at

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