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Students celebrate the Earth

By Blake Seitz | null null , null
Elementary students learn about the environment at Earthfest in Coppell, Texas, April 2007.  (Photo: Courtsey of Blake Seitz)
Elementary students learn about the environment at Earthfest in Coppell, Texas, April 2007. (Photo: Courtsey of Blake Seitz)

Students at Town Center Elementary School in Coppell, Texas, organized a special event to celebrate Earth Day called Earthfest. At Earthfest, kids had the opportunity to learn about the importance of protecting our environment. The students who helped organized the event are members of the environmental club, “Green Team.”

“Earthfest is a celebration in honor of Earth Day, and it educates our students on Earth topics,” said Kim Witt, organizer of the event. “The kids decide what needs to be done and create their own projects.”

Two common themes among the students’ presentations were the importance of recycling and the dangers of pollution. These topics were part of a larger theme, called Coastal Expo. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department created Coastal Expo to provide hands-on activities for students.

The children’s displays were colorful and creative. They included a native wildlife aquarium and even a sandbox full of hermit crabs.

As the students began to share their information with their peers, it became clear that they knew what they were talking about, too.

“[Earthfest] is basically just a way to spread awareness about the Earth and to have fun doing it,” said fifth-grader and Green Team member Mary Claire Phillips. “We’re trying to get the kindergarten and first-graders involved.”

The town also got in on the fun too. On April 21, several Town Center students represented the Green Team during Clean Coppell Earthfest 2007. Large, showy booths attracted citizens from all over the city. The day’s festivities included a trash pickup, a used tire collection, and many other Earth-related activities.

At the end of the day, Kim Witt said that the Green Team had achieved their goal.

“Children in this age group are generally overlooked as leaders,” Witt said. “They stepped right up to the responsibility.”


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