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Questions and Answers

May , 2007

What is the most pressing concern for your district as you read this? A potential lawsuit? The budget? Your students? If you are thinking yes, yes, and yes, the good news is that this issue of Scholastic Administr@tor addresses each of these education-executive “pain points” and more.

Our cover story, “Keep Your District Out of Court,” (page 42), written by veteran education reporter and contributing editor Pamela Wheaton Shorr, surveys the frightening variety of ways a school district can find itself embroiled in litigation, and offers no-nonsense advice from those who have been there. Our resident technology guru, Brian Nadel, profiles Greenville County (SC) School District’s installation of Voice over IP [pronounced voyp] as part of its overall communications platform in “Dialing for Dollars” (page 37). He discovers that the technology not only improves the quality and reliability of phone calls and services like automated messaging, it also just happens to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. “Hands-On Favorites” columnist Christine Weiser interviews four leaders to find out what they think of the latest and greatest reading-intervention programs that promise to turn around struggling students (page 34). And, as always, our regular departments like “Future Schools” (page 64) and “Plugged In” (page 9) highlight some of the more innovative strategies—paying students for good grades and remote-contol, distance-learning robots, for example—used by schools throughout the country.

Now some more questions: What are the other major concerns with which you grapple in the course of your everyday business? What issues should we be covering that you haven’t seen in these pages? Send me a note at We’ll try to come up with some answers.

Kevin Hogan, Executive Editor
Scholastic Administr@tor

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