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May , 2007

The latest version of Elluminate Live! (above) makes long-distance web collaboration and e-learning as easy as sitting next to the teacher, even if she’s miles away. With higher resolution, better-quality audio, and the ability to use animation files, the program increases interactivity, whether it’s used for a digital classroom or a remote faculty meeting.;  866-388-8674

Used by more than 2,000 schools, Eagle Software’s Aeries Student Information System puts all the data about every attendee at the fingertips of an administrator or teacher. The details available include the basics (like attendance and contacts) as well as some well-thought-out specialties (such as textbook inventory and intervention tracking). There’s even a web browser interface that allows parents to check up on their kids.; 888-487-7555

With dozens of specialized modules that range from grades and attendance to employees and special education, Skyward can help build a complete school-admin package one piece at a time. Each is a separate program, but they can be combined to create a customized package.; 800-236-7274

Rather than spreading data out over a variety of programs, web portals, and servers, the beauty of the SchoolWorks SIS database is that it’s the single place to put every aspect of a school’s operation. On top of the basics, like storing and retrieving information about every student, SchoolWorks excels at automating health logs, scheduling, and attendance records (below).; 877-810-1474

For those administrators unsure whether their school’s phalanx of technology is actually helping children learn, SchoolWorks (not to be confused with the company above) can help with performance-measuring tools and appraisals. Not only can it assist in targeting remedial instruction to those in need, but SchoolWorks can provide necessary feedback to administrators as well as the quality reviews required to make education a constantly improving service.; 978-921-1674

Based on a robust Oracle relational database, Century Ltd.’s Star_Base School Suite has modules for student data, instruction, finance, and parental information. The program makes the data mobile so that principals and administrators can use handheld computers. Currently, 112 Tennessee school districts with more than half a million students use the program.; 800-852-2566

With the ability to bring together fees, payments, funding, attendance, and other details of a school’s operation, SchoolTRAX can help organize a school’s finances, operations, and instruction. The best part is that SchoolTRAX  includes a money-back guarantee: Use it for a year, and if you don’t like it, it’s free.; 780-453-4439

By putting everything an efficient school needs to do in one place, SchoolGen (above) takes care of the details of running a school, allowing teachers and administrators to concentrate on educating children. The program has sections for student records, performance, and archives. An online demo shows how the software works.

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