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Grammar Cop

The Case of the Aliens’ Favor

May , 2007

Tasha is writing a letter to some aliens, but she needs help with homophones.

Directions: For each pair of words in bold below, circle the correct word.

Dear Aliens,

I don’t no/know weather/whether you accept/except suggestions for whom to abduct, but if you do, please consider my teacher, Ms. Abby Swanson. I’m not sure exactly what kind of stuff aliens are interested in, but I’m certain Ms. Swanson could tell you whatever you need/knead to know.

I do have to warn/worn you: Ms. Swanson is usually very suite/sweet, but there/their are a few things that make her mad—and then it’s/its a hole/whole different story! For one thing, don’t act bored/board if Ms. Swanson starts talking about grammar. And remember, you’re/your not allowed/aloud to speak unless you raise your/you’re hand. (If aliens don’t have hands, you might/mite have to raise an antenna.)

Ms. Swanson has pail/pale skin and is about 5’6”. During the week/weak you can find her in Room 304 of Sunview Elementary. One/Won final thing: Could you take Ms. Swanson on October 17? We have a big test scheduled that day, but I’m sure if Ms. Swanson were abducted by aliens, the principal/principle would cancel it. Oh, and here’s/hears the most important thing of all: Bring her back quickly! We have lots to learn, and we will miss her while/wile she’s gone!


Tasha Grand

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