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Imaginova’s Starry Night astronomy software complements any science curriculum.
Imaginova’s Starry Night astronomy software complements any science curriculum.


  • Aimed at eighth graders and older, Fathom Dynamic Data puts Excel to shame by being able to analyze complex data, plot it, and simulate all sorts of possibilities. The $130 program can use either PCs or Macs, and comes with an assortment of activities. Additional modules on algebra and surveying are optional.; 800-995-MATH
  • Math Compass 6 is a great way to drill kids on basic math facts by turning adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing into a game. Correct and incorrect responses are recorded as the children type in their answers, and teachers can view progress reports. The best part is that it’s free for the download.


  • While most reading programs tell stories to children while they follow along on-screen, Soliloquy Reading Assistant uses advanced speech-recognition technology to let students read to the computer, with the software interrupting only to highlight misread words. The $229 software analyzes the student’s work for fluency, producing a comprehensive teacher’s report. Brodhead Elementary School in Kentucky has been using the software to help its fourth-grade class to achieve a 100 percent reading proficiency score, three times the state’s average.; 877-235-6036


  • School World’s My Teacher Pages integrates everything an educator needs to take advantage of the web and make it look like a work of online art. With the ability to add a calendar, links to outside resources, and downloads, it’s what faltering school web sites need.; 800-554-2991


  • Maginova’s Starry Night astronomy course is like having an astronomer, planetarium, and observatory in the classroom. The CD-based program goes beyond explaining the Big Bang and solar evolution to plot where any of 28,000 stars will be at any time, as well as the paths of major comets. Students can use the software to control a telescope or hitch a virtual ride on space probes to explore the universe.; 212-703-5800
  • Why try to draw weather maps or electrical diagrams on the board when K–8 teachers can use AccuWeather’s Science curriculum to help with a variety of lesson plans? The topics range from anatomy and botany to geology and motion, and each is tuned to many state curriculum standards. Each is beautifully illustrated and includes complete activity guides; a trial of the service is available.; 215-540-5681

[Early Education]

  • Don’t let the cute StickyBear character fool you. The three dozen educational titles that feature the cuddly character can teach early learners about everything from phonics to numbers, including telling time and the parts of speech.; 843-689-8000

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    The Complete Year in Reading and Writing: Kindergarten

    The Complete Year in Reading and Writing: Kindergarten

    by Pam Allyn

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    Provides a detailed curricular calendar that's tied to a developmental continuum and the standards so you'll know not only what you should be teaching, but what your students are ready to embrace and what you can reasonably expect of them as successful readers and writers. Additionally, you'll find monthly units of study that integrate reading and writing so both work together to provide maximum support for your students. The units are organized around four essential components, process, genre, strategy, and conventions, so you're reassured you're addressing everything your students need to know about reading and writing. What's more you'll find ready-to-use lessons that offer exemplary teaching and continuous assessment, and a flexible framework that shows you how to frame a year of teaching, a unit, and a lesson—and you can easily adapt all to fit the unique needs and interests of your own students. 240 pages DVD (17 minutes) & fold-out color year-long planner .

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    The Complete Year in Reading and Writing: Kindergarten
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    All About ADHD

    All About ADHD

    by Linda J. Pfiffner

    Completely revised and updated version of All About ADHD. Will include latest research, research-based strategies, photographs, and more.

    Topics include:
    • ADHD-friendly classrooms
    • Behavior management basics
    • Individualized behavior programs
    • School-home connection
    • Evaluation programs

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    eBook | Grades K-8
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    All About ADHD
    Grades K-8 $14.29
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