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Check out an online demo of SchoolBliz to see if the program is right for you. <br />
Check out an online demo of SchoolBliz to see if the program is right for you.

SchoolBliz tracks records for students and staff, and creates a variety of reports on a real-time basis. Check out the online demo to get a feel for the program’s potential.

Charter School Software’s administrative package covers the gamut of what a school does so teachers can concentrate on teaching. The program is based on Microsoft’s Access 2000 database and has modules for staff, students, accounting, and library. Charter can also be accessed remotely.

SchoolPerfect 2006 still has the power of older versions to track and control an institution’s accounting, payroll, and billing, but adds a crisper, more functional appearance. The latest version includes an Internet calendar for events and the ability to automatically handle bounced checks.

With PaySchools online payment software, all bills and expenses, including annoying field-trip fees, can be paid for electronically, cutting costs while increasing accountability and cash flow. At present 13 states, including New York and California, have approved the service for use in schools.

The series of web-based applications in School Tools’ Service Request Tracking System (SERTS) can help an institution cut costs and more effectively use its limited maintenance resources. Instead of using luck to match task with employee, work orders are created online, assigned to workers via e-mail and then checked off when completed.

It may sound like overkill, but CBF Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduler does one thing and does it so well that nobody will have an excuse for missing the next school conference. It can resolve the inevitable scheduling conflicts and includes built-in reminders. Plus, it comes with a free trial. www.cbfsoftware; 204-489-7295n Sagebrush InfoCentre 2.2 software can help automate any school library collection, regardless of size and scope. The latest version can work with up to 50 libraries per server and responds faster to requests.

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    Creating SMART Board Lessons: Yes, You Can! (2nd Edition)

    Creating SMART Board Lessons: Yes, You Can! (2nd Edition)

    by Marcia Jeans

    This 2nd edition of this best-selling resource will help teachers master the essentials of SMART Notebook software so they can produce content-rich, interactive lessons that will get all students excited about learning. Includes step-by-step directions with annotated screenshots—updated for SMART Notebook 11—plus easy-to-follow instructional videos and hands-on practice files. It’s like having a personal technology specialist to guide teachers in creating their most engaging lessons yet!

    $16.49 You save: 25%
    Professional Book | Grades K-8
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    Creating SMART Board Lessons: Yes, You Can! (2nd Edition)
    Grades K-8 $16.49
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    All About ADHD

    All About ADHD

    by Linda J. Pfiffner

    Completely revised and updated version of All About ADHD. Will include latest research, research-based strategies, photographs, and more.

    Topics include:
    • ADHD-friendly classrooms
    • Behavior management basics
    • Individualized behavior programs
    • School-home connection
    • Evaluation programs

    $14.29 You save: 35%
    eBook | Grades K-8
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    All About ADHD
    Grades K-8 $14.29
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