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Weighing in on rewarding teachers, shushing students, and choosing schools. Also, how far can you go to push kids to exercise their right to vote?

“If you want failing schools to get their acts together, let the kids leave and take their money with them. Look at Florida and other states where genuine competition is taking place: Public school performance has improved in every reported instance. School choice is both a life preserver for kids and a catalyst for systemic public school reform.”

The site: Edspresso

 “A Warwick, Rhode Island, Catholic school has adopted a new policy requiring students to be silent while they eat their lunch. Expecting youngsters to be “silent” while eating lunch is like expecting a politician to tell the truth ...”

The site: The Education Wonks

“The Houston Independent School District began distributing $14 million in bonuses to teachers and other school staff through its new pay-for-performance system. This system was developed with no real input from teachers and—surprise—it turns out that teachers have no clue why they did or did not receive bonuses.”

The site: NCLB: Let’s Get It Right

“Delaware wants to evaluate state teachers in part (20 percent) on the test scores of the students. However, since the state test measures only mathematics and English, how exactly can an art teacher’s evaluation be tied to students’ test scores? ... I am a Spanish teacher. Why waste my time teaching Spanish? I should be tutoring my students in math and English!”

The site: The Colossus of Rhodey

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