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Technology for Your Curriculum

  • With the Fly Through Tests software, the LeapFrog’s Fly pen can now assist middle school students. A complete review package for sixth- to eighth-grade math, science, and social studies, the package contains 200,000 test questions that can be loaded on to any Fly pen. Fitted with a camera and loudspeaker, the pen also has add-ons like a calculator and a piano.; 800-701-LEAP
  • Castle Software’s School Island has put an entire middle school curriculum on one web site. It can help teachers create flash cards and short answer tests, and it has sections for math, social studies, science, and English. There are study tips but no online lunch period or recess.; 800-345-7606
  • IntelliTools Classroom Suite is a skill-building tool for K–8 students, designed to boost student achievement on standards-based tests in reading, writing, and math curricula. It comes with help to meet adequate yearly progress goals.; 707-773-2000

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    The Science of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials

    The Science of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials

    by Mary Gribbin and John Gribbin

    Faithful Pullman fans, as well as pure science buffs. will be mesmerized by the scientific concepts and philosophical theories found throughout the books, ranging from string theory and quantum physics to Jungian theory and the I Ching. Truly thought-provoking, this supplement to the trilogy gets your child wondering about the connections between her favorite fantasy and the larger world.

    Learning Highlights

    Science concepts and philosophy deepen an appreciation for science-fiction and fantasy.

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    books;hardcover books;hardcovers | Age 16
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    The Science of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials
    Age 16 $12.76
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    Inventions That Shaped the World

    Inventions That Shaped the World


    •     Highly visual with engaging four-color photos that enliven each subject
    •     Interesting sidebars that enhance text
    •     Introduces readers to revolutionary inventions and emphasizes the impact the inventions had upon life at the time of the creation and beyond
    •     Glossary, index, timeline, "To Find Out More" section


      $320.25 You save: 30%
      Hardcover Book Collection | Grades 5-8
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    Inventions That Shaped the World
    Grades 5-8 $320.25
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