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CUE 2007 Annual Conference
March 1–3, 2007
Palm Springs
Convention Center
Palm Springs, California

Description: The oldest ed-tech show in California and one of the largest in the U.S. brings together thousands of teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Choose from more than 200 sessions, and see the latest in ed-tech resources.

While You are There: Go see contortionists, acrobats, and aerialists at Cirque Dreams: The Journey Continues!, playing at the Palm Springs Pavilion Theatre.

ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show 2007
March 17–19, 2007
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, California

Description: The 62nd-annual conference, “Valuing the Whole Child: Embracing a Global Vision,” hosts more than 12,000 key decision-makers from across the education spectrum—and from around the world—making this one of the largest meetings in education.

While You are There: Rediscover the joys of childhood, or at least remind yourself why you entered a career working with children, and visit Disneyland.

NAESP 86th Annual Convention & Exposition
March 29–April 2, 2007
Washington State Convention & Trade Center

Description: Designed for elementary- and middle-level principals, this year’s conference, “Soaring to New Heights,” will feature speakers Marion Wright Edelman, Jonathan Kozol, Erin Gruwell, and others. Attend educational sessions and interactive workshops, and gather advice from veteran administrators.

While You are There: Find out why this city is called the nation’s best gathering place by observing it from 605 feet in the air. Tour the Space Needle’s observation deck or dine in the flying-saucer-shaped restaurant.

67th NSBA Annual Conference and Exposition
April 14–17, 2007
Convention Center
San Francisco

Description: Experience the latest tools and strategies for raising student achievement at this conference, “Ideas, Inspiration & Insight.” Get fresh perspectives from applicable sessions and workshops, and network with colleagues from districts across the nation.

While You are There: Take in the 40th Annual Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival. Enjoy performances, crafts, food, martial arts, and exhibitions.

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    Building Language for Literacy Phase 2 Construction Big PlaceBook

    Building Language for Literacy Phase 2 Construction Big PlaceBook

    Building Language for Literacy is a research-based program that develops children's oral language and early literacy skills. Independent research shows that this program significantly increases vocabulary, language, and letter and word identification skills for English- and Spanish-speaking children!

    The unique structure for Building Language for Literacy centers around "Places" in the community benefiting both teachers and children. This program:

    • Fits into teachers' existing curriculum
    • Builds on children's prior experiences
    • Fosters multi-cultural awareness and understandings
    • Connects school to home and encourages parent involvement
    Choose the units that match your current topics and themes - or those that are children's favorite places to visit!

    $24.95 You save: 25%
    Big Book | Grades PreK-K
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    Building Language for Literacy Phase 2 Construction Big PlaceBook
    Grades PreK-K $24.95
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    Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud Collection: Welcome Fall

    Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud Collection: Welcome Fall

    This inviting collection explores the cooling, windy nature of autumn and all that it affects: the weather, plants and animals, the foods we eat, and the clothes we wear. It also celebrates the colors of the season, falling leaves, autumnal activities, and fall harvests.

    Read the books in sequence to build vocabulary and knowledge around a topic. Each daily read-aloud provides one piece of the puzzle to help children on their knowledge quest to see the big picture!

    Choose recommended activities from the guidebook to suit your schedule and needs. Every guidebook provides:

    • Summary of prior knowledge
    • Content objectives
    • Vocabulary lists
    • Read-aloud guides
    • Activities that target Common Core
    • Supplemental book list
    • Reward certificate
    • List of collections for upcoming grades

    Knowledge Quest! helps you make learning fun, accelerate a child's vocabulary growth, and build skills that meet national standards. For complete information about this program, visit:

    Book Collection | Grades PreK-K
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    Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud Collection: Welcome Fall
    Grades PreK-K $50.00
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