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Movers & Shakers

The race is on in Motor City. Gunning to be Detroit Public Schools' next permanent superintendent is current school chief William F. Coleman III, who had to plead for an interview, Connie Calloway, a superintendent in Missouri, and Doris Hope-Jackson, a former superintendent and current school board member in Illinois. Expect a decision soon—which may be to reopen the search, given that some observers find the three less than impressive.

The searching is over in Pittsburgh Public Schools, which rang in the New Year with two top administrative hires. Linda Lane, former deputy superintendent at Des Moines (IA) Public Schools, replaced Lynn Spampinato in that position. Lawrence "Bud" Bergie also kicked off the start of '07 with his new job as the district's chief information officer.

Lee Bordick is ending his 22-year tenure as superintendent of Lansingburgh (NY) Central School District at the close of the school year. At a time when it seems more and more school chiefs are fired or forced to resign, leaving behind districts in disarray, Bordick decided to retire with his district in "good shape." The board, which Bordick describes as "outstanding" with a "clear vision," has begun the search for his replacement.

Another leader who will be missed, Cecil Picard, the Louisiana state superintendent of education, announced his retirement in May. Picard, who has held the post for more than a decade, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in May 2005.

D.C. School Superintendent Clifford Janey fired Eastern Senior High School principal Shawn Hearn, after Hearn's arrest in October for a scuffle with a student. But prosecutors have now dismissed the charge of misdemeanor assault. As a result, Hearn plans to appeal the termination, although, says the district, this wasn't his first tussle.

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