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Get the Message?

Text messaging lingo is going mainstream. Are you ready?

The language of text messaging—a system of shorthand that often removes vowels and uses phonetic symbols—may be a writing teacher’s worst nightmare. But like it or not, this generation’s lingua franca is creeping into the classroom: This year, students in New Zealand may use text speak on their national exams. They receive full credit as long as their answers clearly show the required understanding. Test takers had better hope that their evaluators know how 2 transl8 d abbrz.

how wll do u nO ur txt spk?

1. l8r 6. eod
2. wan2
3. t+
4. pcm
5. idk
6. eod
7. cb
8. afaik
9. h2cus
10. hak

Answers: 1) later 2) want to 3) think positive 4) please call me 5) I don’t know 6) end of discussion 7) ciao, baby 8) as far as I know 9) hope to see you soon 10) hugs and kisses


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