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Schools on former waste dumps, superintendents with unusual résumés, and students fighting back against attackers

“Mayor Michael Bloomberg is on his merry way to constructing four Bronx schools on a toxic dump site. This will give the science classes lots of real-world experimentation possibilities. After all, three-eyed mice are more interesting than the mundane variety that infests typical classrooms.”

The site: NYC Educator

“An elementary school in Massachusetts has joined other campuses in banning tag during recess. Why? Fear that kids will scrape their knees and parents will get lawsuit-happy.”

The site: School Me

“Los Angeles Unified has again selected somebody with absolutely no expertise in education as superintendent. Turns out LAUSD is just going with the flow. In recent years, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., have all turned to people with no experience in education to run their school districts.”

The site: Edspresso

“First-year teachers should not be creating lesson plans from scratch. ... Lesson plans exist from previous years—tested, premade lesson plans from veteran teachers. It is insanity that we eschew best practices.”

The site: The EdWahoo

“In one Texas school district, an intruder alert ... is a call for the kids to attack. Could violent incidents do for school safety what the 9/11 hijackings did for air safety? That is, turn compliant victims into fighters?”

The site: Get on the Bus

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