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Toilet-Training Stubbornness


I recently heard from a dad who was frustrated because his young daughter, after peeing in a potty for weeks during the day, still refused to go to bed without diapers. He felt she was being stubborn. Here's what I told him:
When toddlers hold on to easier and earlier stages of behavior, there is always a good reason. Sometimes, a young child whose parents are quarreling loudly and feeling very angry will refuse to get out of diapers at all. Angry words, loud shouting, constant criticism of parents or child — all of these are signals that trouble a toddler to the point that she may regress and start wetting during the day, even though she now knows full well how to go potty.
Your child's reluctance to be out of diapers is giving you a clear message: "I do not feel ready yet to control my muscles during the night when I am sleeping!" She does not have the sophisticated language to explain her anxious feelings. Her behavior, however, speaks for h