What Would You Do for Reading?

Kids all over America are reading more and having more fun doing it, thanks to fun-loving media specialists, teachers, and principals willing to do whatever it takes to inspire more kids to pick up a book! 

When your students reach the reading goal, grant them a special privilege or perform a wacky stunt!

Reading Goals

  1. Challenge students to read a certain number of books within a specific time frame.
  2. Set a number of minutes you want students to read over a predetermined period of time.
  3. Establish a goal for the number of books you want purchased by students at your Book Fairs. Books may be used to donate to a charity of choice or sister school.
  4. Set an amount of money you want your school community to raise for All for Books™. Then use the money to purchase more books from your Book Fair.

Wacky Stunts

  1. Get a full makeover with face, hair, and clothes created by student stylists.
  2. Face off against kids in a video game challenge.
  3. Take on a team of students in a pie-eating contest.
  4. Agree to hold a snake or other creepy creature.
  5. Allow yourself to be the target of a water balloon toss.

Student Privileges

  1. Allow students to wear caps to school for the day.
  2. Reward students with a pizza party or ice cream social.
  3. Grant students an extra 30-minute recess.
  4. Give students a no-homework pass.
  5. Allow students to watch a movie during the school day.

Remember to also solicit ideas from students and faculty members!