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Q: How can I learn more about your profit and rewards program?

A: Your Book Fair consultant will contact you with further details prior to your next Fair and will be available to answer any questions that you might have about our program.

Any additional questions can be directed to your Book Fair Consultant or you can email us at

Q: How does Scholastic Dollars affect my Book Fairs?

A: We will continue to provide you with the same services and support that we have in the past. There are no fundamental changes to the operation of your Book Fair. If you choose to redeem your earnings in Scholastic Dollarsô you can expand your purchasing power.

Q: How will this affect my Book Fair earnings?

A: Together we will continue to deliver our mission of inspiring a lifelong love of reading in children through the Book Fair experience. Thatís why our profit and rewards plan provides your school with more flexibility and purchasing power when you decide to redeem your earnings using Scholastic Dollars.

The larger your Book Fair, the more potential earnings you will have. When you redeem your earnings in Scholastic Dollars, and grow your Fair revenue 5% over last yearís Fair, you will earn more, abling you to purchase more books and educational resources throughout the year.

Q: Do I have the flexibility to take cash along with Scholastic Dollars?

A: All eligible fairs ($2000 and above in sales in our case Fair division) have the option to claim their earnings in cash and will continue to have the ability to claim a combination of cash and Scholastic Dollars. However, the best value, and the way to provide the highest number of great books and educational resources to your school, is to redeem your earnings in Scholastic Dollars that can be used throughout the school year at all our Scholastic Book Fairs venues. For our table-top Fairs, please call your Book Fair consultant at 800-557-7323 for your profit options.

Q: Do I need to accept a new Certificate of Agreement?

Q: How do I choose Scholastic Dollars?

Q: How do I spend my Scholastic Dollars?

Q: How long do you keep Scholastic Dollars in my account?

Q: Will my monthly eStatement have a record of where and how I spent my Scholastic Dollars?

Q: Can I use my Scholastic Dollars at a Scholastic Book Fairs warehouse sale event?

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Q: If I hold a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Fair, am I eligible for profit and rewards?

Q: If I hold a Table-Top Fair, am I eligible for the same profit and rewards as detailed in this guide?