Learn about
our country’s
Basher History: U.S. Presidents:
The Oval Office All-Stars!
by Dan Green, illustrated by Simon Basher
This fun book shows students the nation’s leaders
as they’ve never been seen before. From George
Washington to Barack Obama, every President has
his own entry and speaks directly to the reader.
In Basher’s humorous fashion, these enlightening
profiles bring history to life. Quirky facts add
interest and help humanize these members of the
World’s Most Exclusive Club!
Fun new format that combines
a favorite fiction character
with nonfiction facts.
Fly Guy Presents:
by Tedd Arnold
Dive right into the wonderful world of
sharks, as Fly Guy and Buzz take you
along on a trip to the aquarium. From
teeth to tail, they’ll teach beginning
readers all they need to know about
these mysterious predators of the sea.
A fascinating
look at canine
military partners.
Dogs on Duty: Soldiers’ Best Friends
on the Battlefield and Beyond
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Throughout history, dogs have been key contributors
to military units. This exciting new book shows readers
why dogs are uniquely qualified for the job at hand,
how they are trained, how they contribute to missions,
and what happens when they retire. Full-color
photographs throughout and sidebars featuring heroic
canines throughout history provide a fascinating look
at these exceptional soldiers and companions.
Exclusive Paperback $5.99
Discover a whole new
world of animals!
Wild Discoveries:
Wacky New Animals
by Heather L. Montgomery
Each year, scientists discover
more than 15,000 new animal
species! Organized by region
and filled with engaging full-color
photos and kid-friendly fun facts
that highlight each new species’
abilities, traits and habitats, this
book takes an up-close-and-
personal look at some of the
truly unusual creatures that
inhabit our planet.
Awesome Nonfiction That Meets
Common Core Standards