A heavily illustrated novel
that is perfect for fans of
Harry Potter, Star Wars,
Wimpy Kid!
A funny, fast-paced mystery
for chapter book readers.
The Legend of Diamond Lil
by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Kevin Cornell
In this hilarious follow-up to
The Trouble with Chickens
J.J. the search-
and-rescue dog is ready for some much-needed rest and relaxation.
But just when he thinks he has everything under control, there’s a new
problem to worry about: Diamond Lil, a shiny new dog who’s taken up
residence next door, cramping J.J’s style. As the questions keep piling
up, can J.J. sort through the clues?
Exclusive Paperback $4.99
The Creature From My Closet:
by Obert Skye
Rob’s closet was once a makeshift
science laboratory, but now it’s just
a giant messy pile of junk, clothes,
and books. Then one day Rob hears
strange sounds coming from behind
his closet door and discovers a funny
little creature that seems to be a
cross between Chewbacca and Harry
Potter! How is he supposed to care
for his new mixed-up friend? Maybe
Rob will find the answer in some
great books!
Exclusive Paperback $6.99
Z is for Moose
by Kelly Bingham, illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky
Zebra thinks the alphabet should be simple. But
Moose is too excited to wait his turn, and when
M isn’t for Moose, the rest of the letters better
run for cover! This fresh take on the traditional
alphabet story paired with the lively illustrations
from a Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator is sure
to become a favorite story time selection.
Exclusive Paperback $4.99
Laugh-out-loud ABC fun from a Caldecott
Medal Winner!
Laugh-Out-Loud Fun