Dear Book Fair Chairperson,
Kids dream big. And we know that reading is the skill that opens doors to
opportunities, helping kids realize their dreams. That’s why at the core of each
Scholastic Book Fair is a proven formula to keep kids reading — access to great
books, choice in what to read, family involvement, and reading practice.
This spring, you can get your school charged up over books with our newest
Story Laboratory — Reading Gives You Super Power!
Your celebration
of reading will create a positive energy sure to attract the most kids ever.
Connect kids with wonderful new titles like
Z is for Moose
by Kelly Bingham and
Paul O. Zelinsky,
Fly Guy Presents: Sharks
by Tedd Arnold, and
White Dolphin
Gill Lewis. Be sure to flip through the next few pages to get a closer look at more
books featured this spring.
Schedule your Book Fair today by calling or emailing a Book Fair consultant. If
you have a Fair booked, talk to your consultant about the next steps in planning
your exciting reading event.
Alan Boyko
President, Scholastic Book Fairs