Dr. Zipporah Hightower

Dr. Zipporah Hightower is a powerhouse of the Chicago school system. With 20 years of experience as an educator, including five as a principal, Zipporah is the Executive Director of Principal Quality at CPS, with the mission to identify, develop, support and retain strong school leaders who are dedicated to student success. Prior to this role, she was Executive Director for Program Management with New Leaders Organization.  Students in New Leader schools are closing the achievement gap through consistently higher performance than their peers and higher graduation rates. In her previous role as principal of Chicago’s Bethune School of Excellence, Zipporah developed a culture in which fifth-graders doubled their math scores, keeping pace with the number of third-graders whose reading scores met or exceeded standards in state testing.

Professional Learning Workshop(s): 
Independent Reading Panel: Where We've Been. Where We're Going. (Panelist)

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