Stephanie Harvey

Stephanie Harvey is passionate about literacy and has spent the past forty-five years teaching and learning about reading and writing. After 15 years of public school teaching, both in regular education and special education classrooms, Steph worked for 12 years as a staff developer for the Denver based Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC), a partnership of leaders from education and business who support innovation in public schools. Steph currently serves as a private literacy consultant to schools and school districts. With a focus on K-12 literacy, her specialties include comprehension instruction, inquiry-based learning, striving readers, content area reading and writing, nonfiction literacy, and the role of passion, wonder and engagement in teaching and learning. Steph has written or co-written many articles, books and resources including Nonfiction Matters, Strategies That Work, The Comprehension Toolkit series, Comprehension and Collaboration, Content Literacy: Lessons and Texts for both Primary and Intermediate Grades, and her newest book From Striving to Thriving. She continues to be a teacher first and foremost. Her insatiable curiosity about kids thinking leads her to work in schools on a regular basis and to spend as much time as possible in the company of children.