2015 Summit Resources

General Session

Booktalk Basics and Beyond: Transforming Reading Culture by Empowering Student Voices

Revamp the way your students talk to each other about books! As students read and write, edit and share booktalks, they prepare for a world of reading that extends well beyond the classroom. Use these resources to build a thriving booktalk club in your school.

Family Involvement: Kindergarten Readiness

Prepare families as their children transition into kindergarten. The Kindergarten Readiness program provides families information and handouts that explain what is expected of children when they enter kindergarten, the pre-reading skills needed to learn to read, and the importance of reading to children every day. Includes an easy-to-facilitate set of program activities that are fun and engaging for adult family members.

Family Involvement: Raising Readers

Family and school partnerships increase literacy development, and sharing reading experiences together helps families form strong bonds with their children. Try this interactive workshop to provide adult family members suggestions and tools to help their children become independent readers.

iTEXT: Using Text Features to Increase Reading Comprehension

Family members want to help their children read better, but they don’t always know where to begin. Use the strategies from this workshop to help adult family members assist their upper-elementary and middle school children with reading nonfiction informational texts. Learn new ways to teach students how to ask questions and visualize information as they read.

iTEXT: Become a Strategic Detective: Using Primary-source Documents

Learn and practice strategies for reading primary-source documents and using primary-source documents to build upper-elementary and middle school students’ background knowledge and motivation for reading longer, nonfiction texts.

Reading in the Wild: Learning from Lifelong Readers

Based on survey data from 900 adult readers and assessments from her middle school students, Donalyn Miller identifies the characteristics of wild readers and shares methods that support students’ development into lifelong readers. Examine texts and tools that engage young readers and move them toward independent reading lives.

School Librarians: Champions of Change

In a time when discussions about education are often dominated by standards, high-stakes testing and budget cuts, our students (and teachers) need a champion! Dig into the role of librarians as champions of independent reading, connectors of the school family, and advocates for all students.

Troubleshooting Independent Reading Challenges Through Conferring

If everyone is reading different books, how can teachers hold students accountable and assess what children know? Conferring is the answer. Use Donalyn Miller’s practical management tips and classroom examples to focus your reading conferences and sustain students’ reading momentum for a lifetime.

Open a World of Possible

Scholastic celebrates and helps children discover the pleasure and power of reading.