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Author Ralph Fletcher poses the question: Are our students comfortable living in the textual world?
Award-winning author Christina Diaz Gonzalez believes family reading can, and should, be for everyone!
Assistant Superintendent Annie Ward encourages teachers to kid-watch, confer, and respectfully probe before assuming a book has limited nutritional value.
Jennifer LaGarde and Todd Nesloney believe every student needs and deserves an independent reading champion.
Fourth-grade teacher Stacey Riedmiller encourages us to pass the mic to our students and listen.
Tracey Baptiste believes kids thrive when there’s someone to champion them.
Award-winning author Jewell Parker Rhodes has always wanted to write for children and teachers.
Teacher-librarian Beth Parmer encourages her students to share kindness through books.
Dr. Brad Gustafson and Jennifer LaGarde encourage everyone to model the joy of reading through book talks.
Todd Burleson, the 2016 School Library Journal School Librarian of the Year, hosts a BATTLE OF THE FUNNY BOOKS in his library.