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Start a Grand Tradition at Your Schoolís Book Fair!

Giving students and their grandparents the opportunity to spend time together at your Book Fair will make it a very memorable event. In addition, some schools report that their Grand Events are often the biggest events of their Book Fair!

A Grand Event is simply a planned activity just for grandparents or loved ones, giving them the opportunity to shop the Book Fair with their grandkids. You can host a special breakfast or lunch, a grand show-and-tell, a grand time read-aloud, or anything you want.

Students who donít have a grandparent living nearby are welcome to invite anyone they have a close relationship with: an older sibling, godparent, uncle, or aunt.

The objective is to invite to your Book Fair an audience of loved ones who oftentimes get overlooked. They are usually very eager to share quality time with the special children in their lives.

Scholastic Book Fairs® makes the Grand Event easy to plan with tips, ideas, resources, and best practices from the real world to ensure your event will be grand!

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