Scholastic Book Fairs® offers a number of exciting programs that will make your Book Fair a successful reading event.

Motivate Students
What Would You Do for Reading?
Learn more about this fun and exciting program to get more kids reading and kids reading more!

Generate Books
Classroom Wish List
See how this program helps teachers build and refresh classroom libraries.

Engage Families
Read and Rise
Learn how this program can engage families and help them create the habit of reading at home.
Grand Events
This event welcomes a new audience into your school and gives grandparents or other loved ones a chance to get involved in a grand way.
Learn how!
Raising Readers
Help families explore how learning to read begins at home and the important role they play in inspiring the love of reading in their children. Share fun, interactive activities and strategies on how families can select "right-fit" books with their children.
Learn how!

Encourage Reading
Booktalks are short, engaging presentations designed to inspire others to read the same book. Check out some booktalk scripts.

Summer Reading
Learn how the Scholastic Book Fairs Summer Reading Program promotes reading all summer long!

Connect Kids With Books They Want to
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What Would You Do For Reading?
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