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Summer 2011: Lincoln Elementary Turns Reluctant Boy Readers into Voracious Page Turners
Michael Shaffer, Principal, Lincoln Elementary School

Elementary school boys often prove to be the most reluctant of readers. In fact, as Principal Michael Shaffer discovered, getting the boys at Ft. Wayne, Ind. Lincoln Elementary School to read was about as easy as herding cats. Keep reading to find out how they made a Boys Reading Club take off!

Spring 2011: School with 91% Students Receiving Free or Reduced Lunches Places 6th in Summer Reading Challenges
Diane Mahar, Principal, Belvedere Elementary School

Through sheer determination, ingenuity, and imaginative fundraising, read how this principal helped her 550 K-5 students place 6th worldwide in Scholastic's Summer Challenge, a global campaign to encourage kids to read more books during the break.

Summer 2010: North Side Elementary Students Amass 30,484 Hours of Reading Time During '100 Book Challenge'
Dr. Mary Nardo, Principal, Northside Elementary School

When they put their minds to it, the 575 students at Northside Elementary School outside Harrisburg, Pa., know how to keep the reading light burning and the book pages turning. See how this school read the equivalent in total reading minutes of 3 1/2 years. That translates into 1,270 days, or 30,484 hours, or 1,829,025 reading minutes!

Spring 2010: One Wacky Principal Stunt Inspires 100,000 Student Reading Minutes
Jeanne Smith, Principal, Harmony Elementary School

When it comes to encouraging reading, Smith will do just about anything to get kids to pick up a book. She's let students turn her into a human ice cream sundae and even impersonated pop-singer Hannah Montana – complete with singing, dancing and funky attire – all in the name of literacy.

Fall 2009: A Unique Family Engagement Solution
Patricia Crain de Galarce, Principal, E.W. Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School

When families are involved at school, students achieve more and schools thrive. Scholastic's Read and Rise® program offers the perfect family engagement solution... just ask E.W. Stokes Charter Elementary School, which hosted a Read and Rise Book Fair last month.

Spring 2009: Principal Chows Down on Fried Worms to Promote Reading
Ryan Moran, Principal, Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary

The things educators do these days to promote books and make reading more appetizing for students just keeps getting more funky and flavorful. Read how a wiggly feast inspired a new reading record.

Winter 2008: Make a Committment to Read Aloud to Children
Jim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook

As principals and teachers, we are constantly on the look-out for new ways to help book-averse students improve their reading skills, while gently, but firmly, nudging them into that lifelong adventure called "reading."

Fall 2008: The Best Way to Turn Kids on to Reading? Turn Them on to 'Good Books!'
James Patterson, Best-selling Author

In this exclusive interview with Scholastic Book Fairs, award-winning author of the popular Maximum Ride and Alex Cross series talks about some of the best ways principals and parents can get kids excited about reading.


Summer 2008: Keep Them Turning the Pages All Summer
Francie Alexander, Chief Academic Officer at Scholastic

Studies show that students who don't continue to read over the summer are likely to lose crucial ground. Fortunately, there are ways to keep kids reading this summer. Learn eight ways to help prevent the summer slide.

Spring 2008: A Parent’s Guide to Reading with Your Child

Sharon Darling, founder and president of the National Center for Family Literacy

How can I encourage my child to want to read? Read together. As you discover adventures between the covers of a book, you will also discover things about each other. Get 10 tips on how to bring up a booklover.

Winter 2007: Rally Students to Want to Read
Linda Siciliano, Principal, Stadley Rough Elementary

Choice is important to all readers, yet according to recent research, many students say it isn’t always easy finding books they want to read. Which begs the question: How can principals connect students with books they actually find appealing? Keep reading to find out.


Fall 2007: Helping School-Age Children Become Better Readers
Sharon Darling, founder and president of the National Center for Family Literacy

When you are involved in your child’s learning, he or she will be more successful! Providing language and literacy support to school-age children helps connect learning at school to learning at home. Here are a few strategies you can use to help your child become a better reader.

Summer 2007: Klutz Build-a-Book Event Helps Students Build Self-Confidence
Carolyn Polselli, Principal, St. Leo School

Never underestimate the creative genius of children equipped with a pencil, paper, and markers in one hand and a glue stick, foam shapes, and some googly eyes in the other. See how a Klutz Build-a-Book event can build self-confidence.


Spring 2007: Prepare Children for Reading Success at School

Sharon Darling, founder and president of the National Center for Family Literacy

Parents know that reading is important for school success. Sometimes, though, parents don’t know the process of learning to read or how to help their child make this reading voyage. Learn how parents can help their children achieve reading success during various stages in life with these time-tested tips.

Winter 2006: What's a 'Hinky Pinky' for a Proud Principal? A Reader Leader!
Donna Barton, Principal, St. Joseph Montessori School

There truly is a rhyme and a reason why the fifth graders at St. Joseph Montessori School in Columbus, Ohio, earned the coveted grand prize for nonfiction in the 2006 Scholastic Book Fairs Kids Are Authors competition. Keep reading to see how it all came together.

Fall 2006: Setting the Tone for Our Community of Readers
Linda Siciliano, Principal, Stadley Rough Elementary

At the beginning of each school year, we renew our commitment to the building blocks of achievement and the personal growth of every student. While we are continuously juggling competing priorities, literacy remains the constant in the heart of our work. Learn 10 ways to nurture a love of reading.


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