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Winter 2008  

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  100,000 Reading Minutes Logged
  Free Copy-and-Share Tips and Resources
  Turning Kids Into Lifelong Readers
  Principal Tip: A Gift for the Whole School

 100,000 Reading Minutes Logged

For principals who want to spread the joy of reading, a Scholastic Book Fair is one of the best ways to encourage young readers. Think about this: students purchase 840 books on average at a Scholastic Book Fair. They spend two hours on average reading those books. That’s more than 100,000 minutes of reading!

So every time your school hosts a Book Fair, you are helping your students log valuable reading minutes. Add a special family event to your Book Fair, and those reading numbers really start to pile up. Learn more about the benefits of hosting a Book Fair.

  Copy-and-Share Resources

Principal to Principal, written by and for principals, is your source for tips, ideas, and resources about reading. And best of all, they are yours to use for free. We invite you to copy and share these articles in your own school newsletters.

Choosing Books for Infants and Toddlers
Even very young children benefit from interacting with books – and, of course, with their parents! Get tips about choosing books for infants and toddlers.

Read With Panache
Laugh, cry, scream, whisper: Transform the read-aloud experience by giving your child an impassioned one-person show that will stimulate his wonder for both the written and spoken word.

Skills All Readers Need and Use
All readers use skills when they read. The more they use these skills, the more automatic the skills become – just like learning to ride a bike.

Expert Reading Advice for Grades 6 to 8
Here are some of the most common questions posed to Francie Alexander, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer for Scholastic Education.

 Jim Trelease: Turning Kids Into Lifelong Readers

Jim Trelease
As principals, we are constantly on the look-out for ways to help book-averse students improve their reading skills, while gently, but firmly, nudging them into that lifelong adventure called "reading."

In recent decades, no one has been more successful in turning kids onto books than Jim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook. Since its publication in 1982, the all-time best-selling guide to children’s literature for parents and teachers has sold nearly 2 million copies. Trelease has been one of the United States’ most sought-after education speakers.

We recently caught up with Trelease, who, despite recuperating from a nasty bout with the flu, was kind enough to cough and sniffle his way through a phone interview from his home in Springfield, Mass.

Q: How do you get kids who shy away from reading to want to read?

Trelease: When you see a good movie, what do we do immediately afterward? We want to talk to somebody about it. The same thing happens when you read a good book...

Keep reading to hear Trelease's secrets for encouraging a love of reading.

Get free resources from Book Fairs to help inspire a love of reading!

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Increase parent involvement with free podcasts from the National Center for Family Literacy.

Principal to Principal Tip: A Gift for the Whole School

Anderson Elementary School teachers on their way to shop for books!
Last winter, Anderson Elementary School Principal Destiny Laczkowski and Assistant Principal Karen Allard treated their teachers to an extra-special outing during the holiday season.

Many of the school’s new teachers, as well as teachers moving on to new grades, were looking for ways to build or expand their classroom libraries. That’s when inspiration struck.

Laczkowski, who remembers visiting the Scholastic warehouse when she was a teacher, quickly went to work and arranged a field trip for her teachers to their local Scholastic Book Fairs holiday warehouse sale near San Jose, Calif., where the school is located. Laczkowski's district donated the bus for the trip, while she and Allard surprised their teachers with a $50 spending certificate for books for their classroom. "Because of sale pricing, they were able to get a significant number of books for their libraries," she recalls.

It turned out to be a great morale booster, too. "My teachers said they’d never had a need addressed in such a creative, fun way,” Laczkowski observed. “And after the trip, students would come up to me on the playground and thank me for letting the teachers go to the warehouse to get more books. It was a great experience all around."

Learn more about a Customer Appreciation Warehouse Sale near you.

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