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Summer 2008  

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Keep Them Turning the Pages All Summer
Reading Tips from Scholastic's Chief Academic Officer

Francie AlexanderStudies show that students who don't continue to read over the summer are likely to lose crucial ground. One summer off can sometimes mean a whole school year of playing academic catch-up. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep kids reading this summer.

"For starters – and this is really the ‘big idea’ – kids can help keep their learning skills strong by reading four or more books during the summer," says Francie Alexander, chief academic officer at Scholastic. "You can’t stop doing something for a month or two and still be good at it. Scholastic’s Summer Reading Buzz Web site helps keep kids reading so they don’t lose the gains that they made during the school year."

Here are some more tips from Francie to keep kids reading:

1. Prompt them. We learned from Scholastic's Kids and Family Reading Report that kids look to their parents for ideas about books to read. Since there are so many choices, parents can recommend books that look interesting and make kids aware of what books are out there.

2. Read along with them. It’s fun to re-read all the books you liked when you were little, and you also get to read the new books that have been written since you grew up.

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Printables for Principals
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 For Families:
Summer Reading Tracker
Books for Advanced
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Books for Younger
Choosing Books at the Right Reading Level
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Encouraging Summer

Summer Reading Buzz!Free Summer Reading Buzz Resources

Summer Reading Buzz champions the important role that parents and
educators play in helping kids find books they will love reading. For
parents, Scholastic's Summer Reading Buzz Web site offers extensive,
age-appropriate summer book lists available in English and Spanish,
"how-to" videos, and an interactive activity where parents can learn how
to turn each room in their house into "Reading Central."

To ready students for a summer of reading, librarians and teachers will find age-appropriate summer book lists, as well as downloadable Summer Reading Buzz bookmarks, bulletin board materials, printable Summer Reading Certificates, and more.
Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Resources for Teachers and Librarians

Principal to Principal Tip: You've Got Mail!
Renee BoninTo encourage reading during last year’s summer break, Principal Renee Bonin came up with just the "write" hook for her students at Wolf Hill School in Oceanport, N.J.

Renee gave each student a suggested reading list and six pre-stamped, pre-addressed postcards. Each time a student finished a book, he or she could use the postcards to jot down interesting information about the book and send it to Renee. In return, Renee would personally write back. "Kids love getting mail," she shares. "I received more than 872 postcards...some from as far away as England."

Plus, every student who sent in a postcard was automatically entered in a raffle for a chance to become principal for a day. "That really motivated them,” she adds. “Now they want me to do it again this summer."

Looking for some hot reads this summer? Check out these featured books for a list of sizzling summer titles that are sure to be a hit with young readers over the break.


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