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Spring 2009  

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  Fried Worm Feast Inspires Reading
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 Principal Chows Down on Fried Worms to Promote Reading

Principal Ryan Moran feasting on fried worms!
The things principals do these days to promote books and make reading more appetizing for students just keeps getting more funky – and flavorful.

To promote reading during his school's Book Fair, Ryan Moran, the principal of Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary in Bloomsburg, Pa., feasted on a plate of fried worms, bell peppers, and onions as more than 400 wide-eyed and gasping students looked on in disbelief.

Moran's earthworm chow-down was the culmination of a reading contest that challenged students to tally 150,000 minutes of reading time over four weeks leading up to the school's Book Fair.

A news crew from the local TV station was on hand to film the slithering gastronomical smorgasbord, and footage of the worm-fest aired the same day on its nightly newscast.

Keep reading to learn how the wiggly feast special inspired a new reading record.

 What Would YOU Do for Reading?

What Would You Do for Reading?
Would you eat fried worms? Just like Bloomsburg Principal Ryan Moran, you too can show your support for reading by participating in the Scholastic Book Fairs What Would You Do For Reading? campaign and performing a wacky stunt between now and May 22.

In the past principals have had cream pies thrown in their face, turned themselves into a human hot dog, kissed a mule, or spent an entire day on the roof of the school...all in an effort to rally students to read.

Pledge to perform your wacky stunt by visiting, select a reading goal for your students to achieve in the weeks leading up to your Book Fair, and then perform your wacky stunt after your students meet their goal.

Visit our Web site to get more details, see what other schools are doing, and sign up to complete your own wacky stunt!
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Sponsor a school in need - Participate in the Read and Rise program to make a difference in your community.

One for Books: Connect more kids & teachers with books.

  Copy-and-Share Resources

Principal to Principal, written by and for principals, is your source for tips, ideas, and resources about reading. And best of all, they are yours to use for free. We invite you to copy and share these articles in your own school newsletters.

For Preschool / Elementary School Parents:

Make Reading Part of Your Preschooler's Everyday Life – The process of learning to read is complex, but parents help their children learn to read as they go about the routines of everyday life.

Helping Kids Choose Books – Select books according to how your child will use them: Read-Alouds, Read-Withs and Read-Alones, or a combination of these experiences will work even if you have children in different grades.

10 Non-Book Ways to Get Your Child Reading – Try these creative approaches that inspire. For example, playing board games, such as Scrabble or Boggle, are specifically good for building vocabulary and spelling.

For Middle School Parents:

Improving Fluency Skills – If your teenager is struggling to sound out or recognize words, stumbling over words, or leaving out or adding words when he is reading, he is not reading fluently.

Why Johnny Can't and Won't Read – Find out why your son struggles with reading and what to do about it.

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