Enchanted Forest Book Fair: Let Your Imagination Grow!

Announcing the Fall 2018 theme!

Invite your students, parents, and staff to wander into an Enchanted Forest Book Fair, the Scholastic Book Fairs® featured theme for fall 2018. It’s a whimsical place full of irresistible books kids can’t wait to read so their imaginations can grow!
Welcome your students through a hollowed-out tree into a forest created to spark the imaginations of kids everywhere. Students can make woodland creatures, mythical masks, and crafts for Book Fair décor Then encourage kids to dress up for special themed days – be a favorite character on Make-believe Monday or wear green on Forest Friday.
With simple costume props, transform your volunteers into friendly Book Fairies who guide students through the Fair, helping them find the perfect books to add to their home libraries.
Plan an All for Books™ Coin Quest where classes compete against each other in collecting change to purchase books from the Fair. Create wishing well coin collection containers to place throughout the school. Set up a Unicorns versus Dragons challenge where students vote for their favorite character.
As always, reach out to your entire school community! Invite parents to fun morning events – Merry Monday With Moms and Donuts, Dragons, and Dads. Host an evening Once Upon a Time Family Event with read-alouds, a woodland photo op, and a pot of gold game toss.
Everyone knows that no enchanted gathering is complete without a Book Fairy grandmother or godmother or two! So invite grandmothers, grandfathers, and other loved ones to a Never Grow Up Grand Event. Students and loved ones can enjoy a picnic lunch in the enchanted forest before setting off in search of books.
There’s a time when a child falls in love with a book . . . and then reading. Your Book Fair may just be that “once upon a time” for your students. Capture kids’ imaginations in fall 2018 with a forest full of tales and inspiring, “happily ever after” results!