All About Books
Take a look at the incredible selection of books coming to Fairs this season.
Early learners delight in pictures, textures, and sounds as they are introduced to beginning concepts.
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Kids become acquainted with beloved characters and series they'll reach for again and again.
Middle SchoolView Booklist >
It’s an exploratory time when kids are reading about real-life experiences, fun facts, love, and friendship.
When you read a good book, it’s only natural to want to share it. Booktalks are short, informal presentations designed to inspire others to read the same book. Word-of-mouth is extremely effective, and you’ll see how much kids appreciate recommendations, especially from their peers.

Author Videos & Book Trailers

These short clips are an entertaining way to learn about the books coming to Fairs. Some of them are even narrated by the authors themselves!

Watch these clips to:
-take a peek at the hottest books of the season
-hear authors discuss their stories

At a length of only two minutes or less, these audio clips are a great way for adults to learn about books – a lot of books – in a short amount of time.

Rather than just summarize the books, these clips pull out valuable content such as:
-lessons learned
-historical context

Use them to help you choose which books you want to add to your own library or recommend to others!