Monster Book Fair: Reading Is So Much Fun, You’ll Get GOOSEBUMPS®!

This fall, transform students into reading monsters.

Turn your students into reading creatures of habit with the Scholastic Book Fairs® featured fall theme: Monster Book Fair: Reading Is So Much Fun, You’ll Get GOOSEBUMPS! Kids, families, and teachers will be thrilled when the school transforms into a special place where fun, friendly, imaginary monsters encourage reading.

For eye-popping decorations, cover everything – bulletin boards, doors, and furniture – with creatures made from felt, faux fur, and googly eyes. Then invite everyone to compete in a Create a Funny Monster Contest and decorate the Fair with all the entries. Create more excitement with huge footprints placed on the floor leading up to the Fair.

Build a ginormous Goal Chart to advertise your school’s big, hairy, awesome goal. Add faux fur to the beast each day as your Fair progresses. Then let kids vote on a Dare to Scare the Principal challenge to perform when your school reaches its goal.

Since your Book Fair is a family affair, pack your week with different events for them. Serve up muffins and donut monstrosities at morning events for moms and dads. Then schedule a Monster Mash or Creature Feature Family Fun Night. Reach out to grandparents with a Monstrous Grand Event. They can search for great books with students and help reinforce to kids that reading is not as scary as they might think.

With all of this over-the-top fun, students are bound to find the perfect books for them. We’re sure you’ll have abnormal amounts of success with a fall Scholastic Book Fair.