Feelin' Groovy Book Fair: Peace, Love, BOOKS!

Get your reading groove on with the spring 2016 featured theme.

Send out positive reading vibes in 2016 with the Scholastic Book Fairs ® featured theme: Feelin’ Groovy Book Fair: Peace, Love, BOOKS! A culture is born when books, flower children, and some great ’60s music come together to create a scene your school community can really dig.

Set the scene in your Fair with psychedelic colors, bold flowers, and smiley faces. Add some love beads to your Book Fair entrance and hang peace signs everywhere. Then complete the mood with a cool ’60s playlist.

Create a giant lava lamp goal chart and fill in floating bubbles as book sales rise. Organize a Far-Out Family Event and invite parents to bring out tie-dye shirts, bell bottoms, and go-go boots for an Outta Sight ’60s costume contest. Or take it a step further with a Peace, Love, Rock ’n’ Read Event featuring popular ’60s foods.

There’s a whole lotta book love to go around, so include everyone! Welcome grandparents to a Join Hands With Grands event, featuring a hippie-dress-up photo booth. Ask parents to let the sunshine in at a before-school event. They’ll love Muffins for the Mamas and Pastries for the Papas.

Hold a Read-In or Rally for Reading at a special school area during your Book Fair week. Students can stop by, read, and log their reading minutes. Reward the school when they reach their reading minutes goal by having faculty members come to school dressed in hippie attire. Dress up student volunteers like cool cats and have them hand out book reviews and Book Fair invitations.

Thanks for helping kids get hip to reading. Like you, we believe in the power of books. So join hands with us next spring at a Scholastic Book Fairs Feelin’ Groovy Book Fair. Books are beautiful things!