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Book Fairs Insider - Fall 2010
Book Fairs Insider
In This Issue:

• Village Elementary Smashes Summer Reading Record
• Join Our Global Literacy Campaign
• Challenge Students to READ 100,000 Minutes
• Featured Books – Great Fall Reads
• Looking for Scholastic Kids Press Corps Members

Village Elementary Smashes Summer Reading Challenge Record

World Record Challenge WinnersWhen the students at Village Elementary School in Hilton, N.Y., were invited last March to compete in Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge, little did they know that they would amass a whopping 895,317 reading minutes over the next four months, smashing the previous record of 683,057 minutes set in 2009.

"When the kids were told over the school's PA system that they had read the most minutes, the whole building just roared," said Debra Lynch, Village Elementary's School Media Specialist.

Village Elementary's 972 students – pre-kindergarten through sixth grade – tallied many of their reading minutes during class read-a-thons held in May and June. To keep excitement at a high level, school officials made regular public announcements, urging kids to track their reading time and providing frequent progress reports. A large bar chart in the library provided the faculty and students with a daily update of the school's cumulative reading minutes.

Learn how students kept racking up those reading minutes.

Join Our Global Literacy Campaign

Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life. This fall, Scholastic will celebrate its 90th anniversary... nine decades of helping children learn and love to read. And as we begin the second decade of the 21st century, Scholastic is looking forward rather than back, recognizing that the children learning to read today will be the parents and the citizens of tomorrow. More and better reading will mean a better life for children and a better future for our society.

That's why we're launching Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life., a global literacy campaign that underscores the importance of reading to better prepare children who will need strong literacy skills to survive and succeed in the 21st century. Scholastic is asking EVERYONE – our partners, publishers, educators, business leaders, nonprofits, parents, caregivers, and students – to help bring reading and deeper understanding to all children around the globe.

You can join our global literacy campaign and encourage children to read every day. Start by downloading the Scholastic Reading Bill of Rights, eight "beliefs" that affirm every child's right to read and what that means in the 21st century. Learn what you and your community can do to support reading through
simple action steps. Share your thoughts about literacy. Tell us about the books that shaped your life. Visit our website for more ways to help children Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.

Challenge Students to Read 100,000 Minutes

Read 100,000Can your students READ 100,000 minutes? It may sound like a big goal, but every time you host a Scholastic Book Fair, student reading minutes start to add up: 500 students x 30 minutes of reading x 7 days = 105,000 minutes!

And with READ 100,000, you can motivate your students to keep reading long after you've closed that last Book Fair case. Students simply log and track every minute they read throughout the year on our easy-to-use READ 100,000 website, where you can download and print reproducible reading logs, flyers, and more.

Students can register and start tracking their reading minutes from now until April 30, 2011 – and before you know it, your school will be reading 100,000 minutes...or more!

Featured Books – Great Fall Reads

Featured Video - Author Interview Along with our wide selection of books, Scholastic Book Fairs' seasonal author videos let your students meet vicariously with best-selling authors and illustrators from around the world. This fall, we interviewed the multiple award-winning Patricia McKissack about her new book The Clone Codes, co-
authored with her husband and son.

The Clone Codes
By Patricia McKissack, Fredrick McKissack, and John McKissack

In the year 2170, thirteen-year-old Leanna's entire life is thrown into chaos when her mother is arrested for taking part in an underground movement to free clones and cyborgs. As family secrets are revealed, Leanna must face startling truths about self-identity and freedom. Through time travel, advanced technologies, and artificial intelligence, this adventure asks what it means to be human and explores the sacrifices an entire society will make to find out.

Meet the author in this exclusive video interview.

Looking for Scholastic Kids Press Corps Members

Scholastic Kids Press CorpsDo you know a 10-14 year old student who would make a terrific Kid Reporter? We are looking for kids who like to write and are curious about their world.

For more information and to apply to be a member, visit the Scholastic Kids Press Corps website. This year's deadline is October 12, 2010.

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