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Discover new ways to give your Scholastic Book Fair more impact and excitement …with less effort. Encourage reading and raise funds for your school with the help of a Student Crew!
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10 Things Your Crew Can
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Shared Success: Student
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Let the Crew work for you!Top 10 Things Your Crew Can Do

A Student Crew can help other students discover just how fun and cool reading can be, offering plenty of energy, ideas, and muscle to contribute every step of the way. So take a load off...and let your Crew lead the way.

1. A Student Crew volunteer can wear many hats – merchandiser, publicist, advertiser.
2. They tap into what they love, and run with it.
3. They're in tune with the latest buzz.
4. They make great signs.
5. They don’t mind moving those cases.
6. They speak fluent “middle school” (SRSLY,
it’s almost 2G2BT).
7. They see new opportunities everywhere.
8. They know what other students are thinking (it’s called teen telepathy).
9. They can move boxes, lifting with their knees – and their knees don’t complain.
10. They gain confidence and self-respect by stepping up to new responsibilities.

Look for more great new ways to boost your Book Fair results in the Chairperson's Online Toolkit.

Shared Success: Student Crew Makes it Happen

Judy Salisbury
After hosting more than 30 Book Fairs, Judy Salisbury, Librarian from East Valley Middle School in East Helena, MN shares the secrets to her success.

"What makes our Book Fairs so successful is the enthusiasm of our Student Crew. The kids really buy into the program – they’re very good at spreading the word, talking to other kids about books, and hanging posters in the hallway."

"During the planning process, I encourage the Crew to brainstorm, exchange ideas, and dream. They know I have the final say on whether to implement their suggestions, but this creative process generates great ideas. And because the ideas are theirs, they really take ownership."

"To encourage staff participation in the Book Fair, we provide various incentives. Sometimes we offer a free breakfast or ice cream sundaes. In one instance, we gave away 50 different prizes, posters, and gift baskets with books. As a result, our teachers complete their Classroom Wish Lists on time and are excited to attend the Book Fair."

Keep reading for more great ideas from Judy and her Crew.

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Middle School Book Picks

From award-winners to best-sellers, your Scholastic Book Fair is filled with hundreds of books that are guaranteed to pique the interest of even the most reluctant reader. Here are a few featured picks:

Meet the author in an online video.Peak
By Roland Smith

Caught climbing a New York skyscraper and sent to live
with his father in Tibet, Peak Marcello's quest to climb Everest takes him on a thrilling adventure about friendship, family, and sacrifice. Meet the author in an online video.
Flush Flush
By Carl Hiaasen

The Coral Queen casino boat’s owner is flushing raw sewage into the harbor of the Florida Keys. Noah is outraged, so he hatches a plan to catch the guy red-handed.
The Old Willis Place The Old Willis Place
By Mary Downing Hahn

Diana and her little brother Georgie have been bound for many years to the old Willis place by a secret they cannot reveal. This chilling ghost story will make readers want to sleep with the lights on!
Rules Rules
By Cynthia Lord

Catherine finds it impossible to have a normal life with an autistic brother when everything revolves around his disability. She’s spent years trying to teach David “the rules” in order to stop his embarrassing behavior. Filled with humor and warmth, Rules takes a candid and sensitive look at feeling different and finding acceptance. A 2007 Newbery Honor Book.
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